Integrative and Alternative Medicine – Interviewing Dr. Gayle Randall

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Dr. Gayle Randall  took time out to speak with Splash Magazines Worldwide journalist, David Rabadi, and shared fascinating information.

Dr. Randall

Hello Dr. Randall. Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me.

Can you take me back to the day you decided you wanted to become a doctor for Medical Mind-Body Futurist? 

It wasn’t so much of a decision as it was a passion that propelled me forward. I knew in my heart that Integrative medicine was the way of the future. I began to learn and embody everything I could about alternative medicine and the cutting-edge Western medicine I was doing at UCLA. We had a study that was a landmark called the healing connection, which showed that people improved their outcome when adding any of the alternatives offered, including Chinese medicine and Native American medicines.

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What were some obstacles you faced in your journey to becoming a doctor?

I was a woman in a man’s world, but honestly, I just felt like I was one of the guys or one of the people I didn’t feel different. I just felt encouraged that I was being allowed to do what I truly wanted to and learn about healing and healing people. 

What did you discover about yourself in your journey?

That my heart tells me which way to go in my mind organizes things and is very keen and proficient at learning whatever my spirit and soul tell me is important. I have become versed in 20 different medical modalities and proficient in 12 of them.  Additionally, I am a board-certified internist, gastroenterologist, board-certified in integrative medicine and functional medicine, and a professor at UCLA for 14 years. 

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, many people think that the medicine provided from these companies hurt us more than help us. What is your view?

Dr. Randall

Certainly, there are medicines that can hurt us, and we need to be aware as physicians of what black label warnings and medical interactions. I believe that natural medicine, preventive medicine, diet, proper exercise, combined with a positive mental-spiritual attitude, achieve good health. However, thank God for Western medicine, so they never knocked them because they do save lives when we need them. They need to be used correctly and with wisdom.

What is your ultimate goal for your patients? 

That they understand the wisdom of their own bodies, and they become healed with whatever tools we find they need. They become self-sufficient and can keep themselves healthy with an excellent preventive program: body, mind, spirit, emotions, exercise, diet, and a good attitude. They only need me sometimes after that. I’m not the kind of doctor that gives people pills and makes them keep coming back over and over again to get refills. Health is really self-generated, and I teach them how to keep themselves healthy.

What do you feel the medical industry is lacking? 

Although it has improved in the years that I have observed, Western medicine lacks a sense of spirit. We weren’t even allowed to say the word spirit when I was a young doctor. Science was the altar that we were taught to take our medicines from. And that’s OK. I love science but don’t leave out the spirit and don’t leave out compassion and don’t leave out understanding and, above all else, listening. Every patient comes with their own answer. And if you listen to everything they have to say they will tell you exactly what is wrong with them and what they need. You have to know how to interpret it and read between the lines.

What is your ultimate goal as a doctor? 

My ultimate goal is to know as much as possible to help my patients as much as possible and be the best human being that I can be. I have been saying since the 90’s that the integration of medicines is the future of medicine.  As a medical mind-body futurist, we can delve into what is essential to get to the root cause of illnesses and treat them naturally.

Dr. Randall

Thank you for your time. Any words of wisdom for all the readers? 

That we are all connected as humans. No matter our color or creed or religion or gender or politics, we are all humans. And if we can recognize that and come together in that place with a beneficial intent for our planet and our fellow Souls, we can and will make this a better place. We have that power as a collective. What is good for the planet is good for us. Eat mostly plants, remove refined carbohydrates and sugars, exercise regularly, and have a good attitude.  Express and give love to those around you as often as you can. 

Thank you very much for this opportunity

Dr. Gayle Randall, the Soul Doctor, author of Soul Doctoring:  Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet and host of Soul Stories Podcast.

 Photos courtesy of Randall Wellness

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