2020 Books For the Holidays and New Year – Find Your Adventure

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Health and Wellness

To Call Myself Beloved by Leisse Wilcox

Equal parts self-help, memoir, and cozied up on the couch talking to a trusted friend, To Call Myself Beloved details Leisse’s struggles with childhood trauma, divorce, and breast cancer, and how it has led her to find clarity in what she wants, confidence in who she is, and the courage to stay true to both — and how other women can too.

In her book, Leisse describes how she combines the wisdom of her lived experience together with strategic self-development techniques to help women transform their dark, heavy, uncomfortable, and scary experiences into something beautiful, light, airy, golden, and uniquely their own through a unique process she calls Emotional Alchemy.

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EAT SMARTER by Shawn Steveson

EAT SMARTER: Use the Power of Food to Reboot Your Metabolism, Upgrade Your Brian, and Transform Your Life (Hachette’s Little, Brown Spark; Dec. 29, 2020) draws on cutting-edge science to explain how the way you eat affects your metabolism, memory, sleep, and so much more.

In three compelling, informative sections, EAT SMARTER explores the science of food and fat loss, highlights how food impacts different areas of your life, and offers an empowering guide to making better food choices for lasting health and vitality—no matter where you’re starting. Stevenson also shares his robust Eat Smarter 30-Day Program, which features delicious recipes and takeaway strategies to help harness the hidden power of food to transform your body and life, giving readers the tools they need to improve both physical and mental health.

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The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight by Gary Greenberg

Are you familiar with South Florida-based author Gary Greenberg? He just released his bubbly and humorous book titled: The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight through Cosmic Press, now available on Amazon (seen here). The health “SuperWriter” and beer enthusiast has a wicked sense of humor and would be a great source on deriving literary inspiration from South Florida, adventures in homebrewing, food + beer pairings for summer and so much more.  

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My Therapist Says: Advice You Should Probably (Not) Follow

Covering everything from self-love to relationships to how to adult, My Therapist Says: Advice You Should Probably (Not) Follow takes you on the hilarious journey to finding your inner Beyoncé…or at least your inner functioning human being. This highly anticipated guide from the team behind the super-popular Instagram of the same name chronicles the exhausting task of navigating the daily, anxiety-ridden struggle that we fondly (and sometimes not-so-fondly) call life. Including the irreverent memes MTS is known and loved for, along with checklists, prompts, questions from readers, and more, My Therapist Says is the guide you need to achieve your goals, one wrong turn at a time.

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Teens and Children

The Hatter’s Hat: Lost Tales of Wonderland – A Treasure Hunt Adventure by David Jacobsen

When the Queen of Hearts accuses the Rabbit’s Housemaid of stealing her tarts, will she be able to prove her innocence? Or will it be ‘off with her head?’ The Hatter’s Hat, prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, tells the story of the Rabbit’s housemaid, Mary Ann, and her curious adventures down the rabbit hole.

In addition to being a literary work of art, the book contain a series of hidden clues that, if followed precisely, will lead to a real world treasure worth up to twenty-thousand dollars. Whether you’re interested in arm chair treasure hunting books such as The Secret, The Thrill of the Chase, and Masquerade, or you’re just looking for a fun entertaining read, The Hatter’s Hat is a must have for your collection.

Inspired by books such as “The Thrill of the Chase,” “Masquerade,” and “The Secret,” “The Hatter’s Hat” seeks an audience among treasure hunting buffs and Lewis Carroll enthusiasts. “I didn’t want to write just any old book,” says Jacobsen. “I wanted to do something fun and interesting…I wanted to create an adventure that anyone could participate in.”

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Every Tree Has a Story  by Cécile Benoist, illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut

This visually stunning book is an exploration of unique trees—from the tallest Sequoia in California, to a very special forest in India, to a lone Acacia in the Sahara desert—offering a window into different culture around the world.

Spectacular art enhances twenty fascinating stories about unique species, traditions, and the people who both nurture and destroy different trees from every corner of the world. This beautiful book improbably tells the story of women’s equality in India; endangered species in the Seychelle Islands; and the green belt movement in Kenya—among other true tales of the tallest, broadest, most interesting, significant trees on every continent.

This is the perfect book of bedtime stories for nature lovers.

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Everything You Always Wanted to KnowAbout Puberty—and Shouldn’t be Googling: For Curious Boys By Morris Katz (who just barely made it out the other side) Illustrated by Amelia Pinney

This is the puberty book written by the cool, older brother–that takes boys from their first armpit hair to their first wet dream–and beyond.

Facts about developmental changes to tween and teen boys’ bodies and brains are spelled out in fun, familiar, boy-speak and illustrated in edgy graphic novel format. So boys 10 and up can learn about health, hygiene, sexuality, and more in a way that’s not embarrassing or tedious, but real, engaging, and enlightening. A recurring “Puberty Goggles” feature pokes gentle fun at the way a testosterone-tormented tween views himself and the world around him. The book also explores current hot-button topics from social media and cyberbullying to respecting women.

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The Big, Bad Coronavirus! And How We Can Beat It  by Lisa Carroll; illustrations by G.F. Newland.  

The Big, Bad Coronavirus! And How We Can Beat It tells the story of a child named Lisa as she struggles to face the realities of COVID-19. Little Lisa can’t comprehend why she has to wear a facemask, why she has barriers around her school desk or why she’s confined to virtual learning from home. It all doesn’t add up. Because little Lisa longs for the life she once had, she imagines the virus as a giant, scary dragon—fortunately, her mother comes to her side and comforts her—teaching her everything she needs to know to deal with this pandemic from a kid’s perspective. Lisa becomes a stronger and braver girl who inspires her classmates to live without fear.

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Girl Genius  by Carla Sinclair, illustrated by Georgia Rucker

The 40 profiles of scientists, doctors, engineers, inventors, innovators, and disrupters in Girl Genius are sure to energize any teen or tween with a desire to solve problems, improve lives, and save the world (or maybe just make it run a little more smoothly).

Each mini-biography tells a story of a woman who identified a problem and fixed it through some combination of ingenuity, experimentation, perseverance, hard work, and luck. These inspiring stories also provide advice and strategies for any reader who wants to follow in the footsteps of creative, resourceful, game-changing women like Marie Curie, Stephanie Kwolek, Keiana Cavé, Grace Hopper, Sha Yao, Katherine Johnson, and more.

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General Reader


Library Journal calls it, “The perfect pandemic read for those, “thrown into the dating world and trying to mesh real life with that depicted in the movies.”

A diverting and informative story of searching for love in mid-life by a divorced social worker, who intertwines entertaining stories of successful love interests with well-known movies containing similar plots and themes. Written as diary entries covering a 15-year period, the author shares openly, in detail, and with insights her experiences with dating, friendships, affairs, and relationships. Written candidly with a light hand and turns of phrase that reflect her personality and make the book hard to put down.

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Oliver: The True Story of a Stolen Dog and the Humans He Brought Together by Steven J. Carino, Alex Tresniowski  –Available January 26, 2021

A heartwarming story that inspired a community to come together to find Oliver, a Shi Tzu Yorkie mix that was stolen from his owner’s car. This inspiring true story culminates in the forthcoming book Oliver: The True Story of a Stolen Dog and the Humans He Brought Together [January 26, 2021, Nelson Books/Thomas Nelson].

After losing his mother at 13 and raised by an alcoholic father, Steven Carino could always depend on the dogs in his life. When he brought home Oliver they became instantly inseparable. But on Valentine’s Day 2019, the unthinkable happened: Oliver was stolen from Steven’s car while he was working. Heartbroken, he vowed to bring Oliver home by offering a reward for his safe return and shared the incident on social media and with the local news. What Steven didn’t realize, however, was that the miraculous journey to find Oliver brought the power of community, kindness and faith together in a time of darkness.

In a series of near-impossible coincidences, people from different walks of life crossed paths with Oliver and Steven.

$18.99 Pre-order now! 

Til the End of Time: A Story of Persistence, Love Failure and Success in a Woman’s Life. by Slyvia Anthony

Sylvia is a woman of her word and truly a “golden girl” who, at 91 years young, remains steadfastly involved with her passion project: Sylvia’s Haven, a Boston area shelter for homeless women and children that she launched in 1987.

Hers has been a lifetime woven with tragedy and triumph, but at Sylvia’s core burns a powerful source of courage and tenacity. She shares her remarkable story in Till the End of Time, which chronicles her early days as an unwanted child, born at the onset of the Great Depression; through her turbulent first marriage, which blessed her with three children; to finding love and discovering her divine purpose later in life. The book includes a chapter with testimonials from women who have been helped by Sylvia’s Haven, underscoring the impact of her unwavering dedication to others. Till the End of Time is the ultimate love story, woven with heartwarming memories, inspirational anecdotes and life lessons that will inspire readers to share their own God-given gifts with others.

Author Sylvia Anthony was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame on June 15, 2020. Invited to their museum in Seneca Falls, New York, she drove more than 350 miles for the appointment! Shortly thereafter, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who’s Who.

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The Nature of Nature: Why We Need the Wild by Enric Sala 

In this inspiring manifesto, an internationally renowned ecologist makes a clear case for why protecting nature is our best health insurance, and why it makes economic sense. Enric Sala wants to change the world–and in this compelling book, he shows us how. Once we appreciate how nature works, he asserts, we will understand why conservation is economically wise and essential to our survival. Here Sala, director of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project (which has succeeded in protecting more than 5 million sq km of ocean), tells the story of his scientific awakening and his transition from academia to activism–as he puts it, he was tired of writing the obituary of the ocean.

His revelations are surprising, sometimes counterintuitive: More sharks signal a healthier ocean; crop diversity, not intensive monoculture farming, is the key to feeding the planet. Using fascinating examples from his expeditions and those of other scientists, Sala shows the economic wisdom of making room for nature, even as the population becomes more urbanized. In a sober epilogue, he shows how saving nature can save us all, by reversing conditions that led to the coronavirus pandemic and preventing other global catastrophes. With a foreword from Prince Charles and an introduction from E. O. Wilson, this powerful book will change the way you think about our world–and our future. (description from amazon)

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Beyond Haiku: Pilots Who Write Poetry By Captain Linda Pauwels

Proceeds from Beyond Haiku will go to the Allied Pilots Association Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund, to provide support for pilots furloughed due to the industry effects of COVID-19.

Beyond Haiku peeks through the cockpit door to reveal the poetic heart of airline pilots. Captain Linda Pauwels, instructor pilot on the Boeing 787 and former aviation columnist for the Orange County Register, presents a selection of haiku and short poems by men and women who fly airplanes for a living. The writing is niche and empathetic. The humor is characteristically wry, befitting the pilot persona. Beautiful illustrations, by children of pilots aged 6 to 17, bring this flight of fancy in for a smooth landing.

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Magical Activity Calendar

From the sister team behind the charming Hello! Lucky greeting cards, the Magical Activity Calendar returns after a strong debut season. Be inspired and entertained with month after month of whimsical art combined with interactive fun. The illustrations—starlit nights, magical closets, and piles of sweet treats—are printed in electrifying color. Throughout the hand-drawn grids are prompts, silly holidays, aspirations, and more. With its 300+ stickers designed to complete each month’s picture and a 12″ × 24″ poster, this is a calendar that will appeal just as much to tweens as it will to younger kids. Printed in five colors (including neon orange!) on uncoated FSC-certified paper.

$18.49  Buy now! 

Atlas Obscura – Page-A-Day Calendar

Capturing the spirit of the #1 New York Times bestselling book and hugely popular website, Atlas Obscura is a calendar for travelers, adventurers, and lovers of the offbeat and one-of-akind. On each page is a fascinating world phenomenon: a natural curiosity, man-made marvel, or delightfully quirky regional event. There’s Argentina’s Glaciarium, where you can grab a cold beer from a bar made entirely of glacial ice. China’s Fanjingshan, a jaw-dropping peak home to a pair of ancient temples. And unusual eateries like India’s Falaknuma Palace, which seats guests at a table stretching 108 feet. It’s a year of fascinating places and pure wonder, packed with full-color photographs and memorable facts. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

$14.39  Buy now!

Go with the Flow – Magnetic Monthly Calendar

Go with the Flow combines beauty and inspiration with solid organizational mettle, making it the perfect way to stay on the ball while promoting mindfulness throughout the year. The calendar’s compact size and magnetic backer make it ideal for hanging on the fridge or in other small spaces. It’s padded, so no need to turn pages—just tear off each one when the month is over. The grids are spacious enough for writing in appointments and cleanly designed with Flow’s distinctive wallpaper-like patterns, charming illustrations, and uplifting affirmations: Happiness is seeing life with eyes wide open. And Letting go allows room for the important things. Printed on uncoated FSC-certified stock.

$10.99  Buy now! 

Baby Buns Mini Calendar

Truly awww-inspiring—a tiny calendar full of tiny baby bunnies! For animal lovers and people who can’t get enough cute in their lives, the brand-new Baby Buns delivers an irresistible year of wriggly noses, long ears (of the pointy and floppy varieties), warm brown eyes, soft fur, and bunched-up little bodies. A fluffy gray bun who looks ready to hop through the page. A sweet lop-eared bun rubbing his face with his paws. And a sleepy bun taking a snooze under the covers of a book. Each bunny’s portrait is enhanced with a colorfully patterned background and quote, including from Beatrix Potter, creator of one of literature’s most beloved buns: Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

$7.99  Buy now!

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*Feature image by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash


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    The Beer Diet: How to Drink Beer and Not Gain Weight
    The Big, Bad Coronavirus! And How We Can Beat It

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