Jordan Colburn Q&A- A Different Way of Thinking

Jordan Colburn, Author
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They say it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Today I am speaking with author Jordan Colburn who at the age of 88 published his first book “ Change The Way You Think About Raising Capital”. He wrote the book in honor of his father, a successful Beverly Hills Attorney, best-selling author of ‘The Spoils of Marriage,’ and closet entrepreneur, where he caught the bug and learned that the ability to raise capital could make or break a great idea. Here is what Jordan had to say in our Q&A.

Jordan Colburn

Hello Jordan, congratulations on publishing your first book, “ Change The Way You Think About Raising Capital. “ Tell me what inspired you to write the book. 

I’ve always been fascinated by businesses. How they work and what makes them tick. In the course of preparing a project to present to a lender or investor, I realized the importance of tailoring the project presentation to suit the lender or investor’s point of view. When I did that, my success ratio went way up.  Because I am involved in sales, I’ve been a student of motivation – why people do what they do. That fits right in with my interest in how the brain and the subconscious mind work. So it was an easy juxtaposition to combine my interests. At that point, I realized I had something to say that would help people.

Change the Way You Think About Raising Capital

What do you hope the book does for the readers?

An entrepreneur must understand a very simple but important and difficult concept. It will help you create the proper mindset.  To be successful in raising money, you must Change The Way You Think and get into the head of the other person or company from whom you’re soliciting money. This simple concept, by the way, can also be applied to many other situations. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception people in business have?

Not asking for help. People think they can do everything all themselves, and they either don’t want to ask for help because perhaps they’re afraid to ask for help or they forget to ask, sometimes when it’s too late.

Are there any tips you can give people that will save them from making any mistakes you may have made and learned from?

You need to keep your eye on the prize. Stay flexible and keep moving forward, even when it looks like you’re going backward. Every deal or project has its sweet timetable. Sometimes slow and sometimes fast, So pay attention. Listen carefully, and above all else, Don’t Ever Give Up!!

Author Jordan Colburn at book signing event

What has been the biggest challenge and lesson you have learned in your life?

My hardest part has been to get out of my head and listen to my instincts, trusting that my heart will help guide me to make the right decisions.      

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self?

Trust yourself. Learn from your mistakes because you’ll make them – we all do. You are enough. Have fun and enjoy the ride. It will all turn out.

Jordan Colburn

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